How do I organize my Visa?

Please contact the relevant local embassy to organize your visa/s.



Can I make payment Online?

We are currently still working on online payments and soon you will be able to do so. Please contact us for other payment options.

How do i make payment?

You can make Payment to our accounts directly or in our offices.

Bank Name Zenith Bank
Acc. No. 101 105 02 75
Acc. Name VEFA Tourism & Travels Ltd.
Bank Name Diamond Bank
Acc. No. 000 607 58 30
Acc. Name VEFA Tourism & Travels Ltd.



What is the difference between Visa validity and duration?

Validity refers to the amount of time before a travel document expires. Duration refers to the maximum stay in a country that is permitted on a visa. A Brazilian multiple entry visa may have a validity of five years, however, the maximum duration of stay at any one time is 90 days.

What is an e-ticket?

E-tickets, are offered by many major airlines, and allow you to travel without a paper ticket, eliminating the worry of leaving your tickets behind.